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By October 23, 2015College, College Counseling

There is a lot of excellent advice that can be found on the internet about getting into the “right” college.  In fact, a supplement that accompanies the October 5th issue of Crain’s Magazine, “Your Guide To Choosing The Right College,”  includes what author Jane Adler suggests are the “Five Secrets of College Admissions Directors.”

The tips that are included are somewhat generic but nonetheless, helpful.  We’re all for anything that if done might make a difference and create a better chance of acceptance. Here is an overview of article on the “Five Secrets of Admission Directors“.


  • It’s rare that an outstanding ACT or SAT scores can make up for mediocre grades.  A solid high school transcript  matters!


  • Don’t procrastinate.  Of course this is difficult to tell most teens.  Time is of the essence, however, when it comes to getting an acceptance especially if your teen applies “Early Action” or “Early Decision.”  Early applications may also provide some valuyable time in the financial aid process.


  • It is important that the Admissions Counselor see your student as a good fit for their college.  The burden of demonstrating that your student will be a good match and will succeed falls predominantly on the student.  Convincing Admissions that you are in love with the school and if accepted you will attend can go a long way to securing a place.  A truly interested student will have visited the campus and participated in a proper interview.


  • There are numerous considerations given by Admission folks that go beyond grades and test scores. What has the student done to enrich themselves beyond academics and perhaps, even outside of the school environment. Schools tend to prefer those who have been involved various extracurricular activities, community, or even a job.



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