Gap Year For My Student?

By May 6, 2016College, Gap Year

We believe that taking a meaningful break between high school and college, known as a “gap year”, can work wonders for many students.  We know that there are too many students who simply are not quite ready for college. For some students, a break from school can be effective in providing “a brain reset” that will significantly improve the potential success of their college experience, only a short year later.

Here are just a few of the high-scoring outcomes as reported by gap year students:

   Helped me develop as a person

   Allowed me time for personal reflection

   Increased my maturity

   Increased my self-confidence

   Helped me develop communication skills

   Helped me acquire skills to be successful in my career 

 Want some statistics?  Check out some of the actual results from the very first National Gap Year Alumni Survey.