Heading Off To College

By July 31, 2018College

A new group will be leaving home in just a couple of weeks to begin their freshman year of college. This can be touch for parents.

We invite you to consider for a moment just how anxious your teen is most likely feeling right about now.  It is a rare kid that is going to tell you they are worried and fearful.  The truth, however, that most kids, as they anticipate leaving home and what college life might be for them, are simply plain scared.  There is no advice that you can offer up that will fix their bundle of nerves.  We suggest to try and be understanding, patient, supportive …. and listen.

There are a few other thoughts we have for you.  We know that in so many cases, you have been your child’s “administrative assistant” and “housekeeper.”  You are probably wondering what they will do to survive college without you being there to wake them up in the morning, do their laundry, remind them to do their homework, manage their budget, and the many activities you have lovingly attended to for them.  Now would be the time to stop.

Allow your child to get the full benefit of their college experience.  There are plenty of growing up opportunities to be learned. Some of the most worthwhile learning opportunities can be  sleeping through an alarm and missing an important class, running out of money, not having to wear underwear a second time, or having to make three stops returning home for Thanksgiving because they waited too long to book the direct flight.

While likely that you’ve been attending to many of these chores and needs, allow them the chance to learn first-hand all that it takes to be independent.