Conditions of College Acceptance

There is no time like the present to discuss with your child what are the likely terms and conditions of their college acceptance.  Actually, this [...] [Read More]

Neuroscience of Learning

The Huffington Post  is a wonderful source of interesting articles and blogs.  In a recent posting author Thomas Madsen looks at the Neuroscience associated with [...] [Read More]

Empathy for Teens

While the world is very different today than it was when we grew up, one thing hasn’t changed much:  Teens look for proof that their [...] [Read More]

Work versus Play

School districts throughout the U.S. have been reducing the amount of time kids are getting for recess and in some cases, eliminating breaks altogether. It [...] [Read More]

Gap Year Experiences

There are many stories about Gap Year experiences.  This New York Times blog captures some ….at least enough to wish there were more. We are [...] [Read More]