Sensory Processing

Our brain is our central computer.  It takes in information through our various senses, [our eyes, ears, mouth, tongue, nose, skin, and other body receptors,] [...] [Read More]

Drug of Choice?

A recent article in The Washington Post addressed a subject that has been of growing concern to those of us who work with teens and [...] [Read More]

Empathy for Teens

While the world is very different today than it was when we grew up, one thing hasn’t changed much:  Teens look for proof that their [...] [Read More]

Work versus Play

School districts throughout the U.S. have been reducing the amount of time kids are getting for recess and in some cases, eliminating breaks altogether. It [...] [Read More]

Screen Addiction

A “Washington Post” article is a definite read if your child is hooked on computer games…. or any other addiction, for that matter.  Authored by [...] [Read More]