College Readiness

In just another couple of months, a new “flock” of our college clients will be heading off to their first year at college.  Most of [...] [Read More]

College Counseling

The college selection and application process can be completely overwhelming. It can be difficult to know where to even start and having college counseling set [...] [Read More]

College Admission

We generally hear about the primary factors that are taken into account by college admission counselors. These are high school grades, SAT and/or College Board [...] [Read More]

Conditions of College Acceptance

There is no time like the present to discuss with your child what are the likely terms and conditions of their college acceptance.  Actually, this [...] [Read More]

International Higher Learning Opportunities

The global economy has come to the undergraduate college world.   While not uncommon for those who were unsuccessful in gaining acceptance to a U.S. Medical [...] [Read More]