Sensory Processing

Our brain is our central computer.  It takes in information through our various senses, [our eyes, ears, mouth, tongue, nose, skin, and other body receptors,] [...] [Read More]

Treatment Costs

Quality treatment for our kids is a necessity but, unfortunately, it comes with a hefty price tag.  Our current healthcare system doesn’t offer high-quality treatment [...] [Read More]

When is the time for treatment?

Year after year of living with a difficult child is exhausting.  I used to comfort, perhaps delude, myself with the notion that by the time [...] [Read More]

Interventions for Positive Change

Accepting a loved one’s mental health issues is challenging and can be anxiety provoking. This article is helpful in understanding the importance of interventions. Interventions [...] [Read More]

College Preparation

Andrea Petersen’s article recently published again in the Wall Street Journal recently, provides a few solid tips to parents and their teens on using these [...] [Read More]