Lawnmower Parenting

Recently on “Megyn Kelley Today,”  the segment that caught our attention was on “Lawnmower Parenting.”   Lawnmower Parents are the new Helicopter Parents. “Lawmower Parents”  are [...] [Read More]

My Child Is Going to College – Now What?

Over the last few years, there has been a lot of focus and thought on getting your child ready and into college. You’ve prepared them [...] [Read More]

Empowering Children

There are many articles that provide advice to parents about empowering children.  An article authored by Phyllis Fagel “On Parenting” published in The Washington Post, [...] [Read More]

When is the time for treatment?

Year after year of living with a difficult child is exhausting.  I used to comfort, perhaps delude, myself with the notion that by the time [...] [Read More]

Relieving Anxiety at the Start of School

We recently learned that the teachers at one of our high schools were asked to post some signs that when read by the students on [...] [Read More]