Lawnmower Parenting

Recently on “Megyn Kelley Today,”  the segment that caught our attention was on “Lawnmower Parenting.”   Lawnmower Parents are the new Helicopter Parents. “Lawmower Parents”  are [...] [Read More]

Sensory Processing

Our brain is our central computer.  It takes in information through our various senses, [our eyes, ears, mouth, tongue, nose, skin, and other body receptors,] [...] [Read More]

Heading Off To College

A new group will be leaving home in just a couple of weeks to begin their freshman year of college. This can be touch for [...] [Read More]

College Support

A recent article in “The New York Times” reports that there is a new trend taking place at some colleges: programs that are designed to [...] [Read More]

Parenting Teens

Are you the parent of a teen? The first edition of “Let’s Make A Contract” by Ann Schiebert is a book worthy of your purchase. [...] [Read More]