My Child Is Going to College – Now What?

Over the last few years, there has been a lot of focus and thought on getting your child ready and into college. You’ve prepared them as best as you can and now the day has come to drop them off.  We know that this is a time of uncertainty for them, but it is also for you as their parent.   There are many unknowns for them and for you in this new experience.

For many parents the separation or even the anticipation of dropping your child off at the dormitory can be somewhat traumatic and emotional.  Here are a couple of suggestions for you to help prepare for this difficult moment.

Pre-define what amount of time you will spend with your child to drop them off and help them set up in their new dormitory. Do not stay beyond helping with the delivery of their belongings.  Allow them to put up their pictures and their other more personal items. Wish them well. Give them a hug and kiss and say goodbye. While you should not stifle your feelings, it may be helpful to you and to your child to limit your tears. If you expose them to your feelings of separation, label them tears of happiness. You do not want them to be worried about you.

Refrain from phoning them when you return home.  A simple text message can be sufficient in letting them know you have arrived safely and that you are thinking of them. Continue to encourage them on their new journey.

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