Lawnmower Parenting

Recently on “Megyn Kelley Today,”  the segment that caught our attention was on “Lawnmower Parenting.”   Lawnmower Parents are the new Helicopter Parents.

“Lawmower Parents”  are parents who “mow down” whatever obstacles being faced by their children instead of allowing them to prepare for life’s challenges.  While the Helicopter Parent hovers over their kids to protect them,  Lawnmower Parent actually steps in to eliminate the obstacles altogether.

None of us want to see our children struggle.  However, in our zeal to protect them, we are inadvertently creating and growing the next generation of young adults and adults that are unable to cope with struggle and failure.

Here is an article that helps to describe this new type of parenting: “Lawnmower Parents are the New Helicopter Parents – Only They Might Be Even Worse.”

The consequences from Lawnmower Parenting can have devastating consequences.  It can cause really bright kids who go off to college unable to manage for themselves.  They lack some of the very basic skills that are needed to live independently.

Here is an additional resource on You Tube Video that presents on this topic. Today is the time to rethink how we may be standing in the way of some critical learning.  It is important to let our children learn what they are capable of without removing the obstacles for them.  This will enable them to learn the life skills that they need to be successful, contributing young adults.