Heading Off To College

A new group will be leaving home in just a couple of weeks to begin their freshman year of college. This can be touch for [...] [Read More]

Empowering Children

There are many articles that provide advice to parents about empowering children.  An article authored by Phyllis Fagel “On Parenting” published in The Washington Post, [...] [Read More]

College Readiness

In just another couple of months, a new “flock” of our college clients will be heading off to their first year at college.  Most of [...] [Read More]

Drug of Choice?

A recent article in The Washington Post addressed a subject that has been of growing concern to those of us who work with teens and [...] [Read More]

Treatment Costs

Quality treatment for our kids is a necessity but, unfortunately, it comes with a hefty price tag.  Our current healthcare system doesn’t offer high-quality treatment [...] [Read More]