Preparing For College Success

As it’s getting closer to that time to leave for college, we wanted to share another article that is helpful in preparing for college success.   The article on “Grown & Flown,” is a mom giving college success advice to her son.  The letter “Go be amazing: 28 things I want my Son to know before he leaves for college,” is helpful for both parents and young adults heading off to college.

Many of the points that were shared have been repeated over and over again.  It is not likely that your child will take seriously the good advice to “get enough sleep,” “eat healthy,” exercise regularly, “sit in the front row of class,” or “pay cash.”  While these are very practical suggestions, these and many of the other pointer may be lost in the shuffle. However, they are still great to review with your son or daughter.

Among this advice, there are some truly valuable and important counsels buried in Mom’s list.   Here are some of “Mom’s 28” that are worth sharing and building additional discussion around:

  • More often than not, there are consequences for decisions, especially the bad ones.
  • Someone is taking pictures of what may be some not very good behavior. It will inevitably end up posted on Social Media and can be your worst nightmare for years especially when you start thinking about a job.
  • Respect yourself and others. Be nice!
  • Don’t be reluctant to ask for help. It won’t come to you.

And …… here is one that is somewhat incorporated in Mom’s list but is not explicit:

  • Decide upfront whether you want your college experience to be a one year or multiple year experience that ends in a diploma. The kids that leave college after one year are generally those who miss class, don’t do their homework, go to every party, spend their money on “bad stuff.”   It is totally up to you.  Think about it now because if you get off on the wrong foot, it will be too late to redeem yourself.