We provide a variety of services to children, adolescents, and adults from all over the country and internationally.  Some clients are looking for a more challenging environment, while others are searching for additional support in a more inspiring setting.  We assist clients who may be gifted or perhaps just bored, as well as those who have learning difficulties and disabilities, atypical/unique learning styles, developmental differences, ADD, ADHD, poor study habits, motivational and organizational issues, mental health challenges, behavioral problems, substance abuse, school difficulties & family-related challenges.

Whether support is needed to help choose day schools, boarding schools, therapeutic programs, wilderness programs, summer opportunities, colleges, alternatives to college, or young adult transition programs, our Educational Consultants have the knowledge and hands-on experience to make appropriate and “best fit” recommendations.

We work directly with families and their support team to develop an individualized “master” plan.  Our extensive understanding of the possibilities available both locally and away helps us create short-term and long-term goals based on a variety of individual needs.

OUR SERVICES INCLUDE (but are not limited to):

• Interviewing the client and family to determine academic strengths and weaknesses, social/emotional needs and extra curricular interests

• Reviewing educational records, speaking with related professionals and recommending testing, if appropriate

• Identifying what factors are contributing to and/or inhibiting success

• Developing a plan with the family that considers both the short and long-term goals for the client


• Researching and recommending the most appropriate educational placements and/or programs for consideration

• Presenting to the family our recommendations and providing support throughout the selection process

• Following up with the client, family and program to ensure our client’s needs are being addressed