"…I would like to thank you for the truly exceptional level of service your company provided us with the placement of our son. Ever since "Jason" was small we struggled with educators trying to put a label on him and then address the label… You saw past these labels. You were one of the first people who saw that "Jason" was not some gifted kid who could achieve anything or some learning disabled kid who needed lots of support but rather an individual who was caught between these two extremes…. You also were so kind to us as parents that you gave us the courage to do the thing that I never thought I would have the courage to do—to send my 10th grader several states away to a boarding school. Your patience and kindness was unwavering throughout the entire process of finding "Jason" a boarding school."


The decision to send a child to a school or program away from home cannot be taken lightly. The Aspire Group helps families determine whether or not a placement is warranted and introduces families to alternatives and opportunities available for their child through our Assessment & Evaluation Process.

Our Assessment & Evaluation process is more than just gathering and interpreting test data. We consult with professionals and loved ones who are familiar with the student and will meet with the child, if at all possible. We communicate with families from across the country and around the world and are available through in-person meetings, Skype, phone, or via email. We also travel to visit clients in their home environment, if necessary.

Once we have an understanding of our client’s strengths and opportunities for growth, we use our background, training and vast knowledge of schools and programs to assess what the best “environment” will be for his or her continued development. This individualized approach is essential in helping to make decisions about appropriate placement, whether it be a day school, boarding school or a residential program.

The Assessment & Evaluation fee is one-half of the full fee typically assessed for placement. If a family chooses to move forward with placement (within six months of the Assessment & Evaluation process), this fee is deducted from the total placement fee.


There are many reasons families feel that a boarding school environment will give their child a new and more stimulating educational experience. It could be the opportunity for individualized attention, a desire to enroll in courses unavailable in the public sector, an interest in learning skills and study habits that will prepare them for college or a chance to participate in sports or activities not offered at home. We provide personalized guidance to students and families who are searching for the “best fit” for a junior boarding or high school boarding school. There’s also the opportunity to experience boarding school during the summer.

Boarding schools offer ideal settings for students to learn responsibility and independence. Often located in scenic environments, boarding schools have incredibly supportive faculty and a warm, welcoming atmosphere that fosters lasting friendships. Many teachers live directly on campus, serving as “house parents” for the students in their dorms. They integrate fully into a student’s life so that students can experience the nurtured feeling of home. Our extensive knowledge and relationships with schools across the country help us to find the best fit for your family.

Consistent and personalized attention, coupled with an intimate learning environment, make for confident, happy and well-prepared adolescents. A child being away from home for the first time can cause anxiety in both parent and child. The Aspire Group helps the student, and their parents, develop the necessary confidence and comfort to make this important transition seamless.

• Boarding School
• P G Year
• Junior Boarding School
• Summer


We provide personalized guidance to families and their child or adolescent with atypical learning styles. Too often, families come to us with a great deal of testing data and little understanding regarding its impact on their child’s life. Other families know what their child needs to be successful in the classroom, but schools sometimes fail to meet these needs. We understand how frustrating these experiences can be. At The Aspire Group, we support families throughout the evaluation process and empower them to determine the next step of their child’s educational journey.

Boarding Schools can provide exceptional services to students with a variety of challenges. Our familiarity and insight into the services these schools can provide help us determine the best match for your family. Understanding a student’s particular learning style, strengths, and opportunities for growth is the key to their long-term success. Imy Wax & Associates gathers extensive information via in-person visits and communicates with professionals and administrators at these schools in order to match our clients with the appropriate environment. Communicating with families is integral to this process. We open a continuous dialogue with families to ensure we find the “best match” for their child’s most pronounced strengths and weakness.

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• Cognitive Delays
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• Physical Disabilities
• Autism Spectrum Disorder
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• Neurological Disorders


Summer is an important time for enrichment, remediation and fun! Sometimes students need to repeat academic courses or choose to earn credits for the upcoming school year. However, students can explore new fields of interest or build on subject matter they already enjoy. They can experience what it is like to camp outside, or try living in a ranch setting or dormitory. Some students wish to improve their social skills or want to spend a summer on an outdoor adventure. Summertime is a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of programs that are not offered during the school year.

Opportunities await the adventurous high school or college student! Whether it’s volunteering in a developing country, seeking physical challenges, or experiencing summer on a college campus, The Aspire Group has the resources to match our clients with the right summer program!