"Thank you so much for being the "buffer" that allowed us to navigate through the college process alongside our son. Your patience, insights and expertise were invaluable. Because "Ben" was able to take ownership in the process, we are confident in his choice and know he'll do great next year."


Wading through the myriad of emails, brochures, and videos during a college search can feel overwhelming. We provide objective opinions and individualized assistance to the college-bound student. Having someone who understands the application process reduces stress for everyone involved. By helping students understand themselves, their competencies and their weaknesses, we foster the development of independent men and women. Whether considering local, out of state or international universities, The Aspire Group can guide students through the entire college selection process.


“Independent Living Environments” are an excellent alternative for individuals 18 and older who still need structure and guidance, but are looking to live on their own. These programs offer life skills training, hands-on tutoring, as well as socialization and relationship development seminars. The Aspire Group has in-depth knowledge of a variety of these unique programs and work closely with clients to find the option that meets individual goals.


Many high school seniors decide to take time off between high school and college. A “Gap Year” experience offers just that. The Aspire Group is conversant with an abundance of experiences that may appeal to the student who’s searching for a constructive and meaningful gap-year.

Internship opportunities, independent coursework or a chance to feel what it is like to live away from home for the first time are some of the options available to the student who decides to wait to begin their a college career.

• Academic Growth
• Career Exploration
• Executive Functioning Deficits
• Learning Disabilities
• Emotional Growth
• Independence
• Life Skills Development


Beyond Tutoring is a comprehensive academic support service. We are able to work remotely to support capable students who require additional assistance when a medical or mental health diagnosis interferes with academic success.

With extensive knowledge and experience in the clinical academic fields, our educational consultants and tutors work closely with each student to customize a plan based on his or her needs. Whether a student needs help organizing one essay, preparing for one exam or more extensive semester-long support, our job is to enhance our clients’ social and emotional development and overall collegiate/educational experience. No student should feel punished or feel they need to withdraw from classes due to recurring or sudden onset of medical or mental health challenges. Making the transition to college can be difficult, and extensive consistent support is also available. Beyond Tutoring will individualize each plan in order to provide the proper support when needed most.

We create an individualized support plan based on the specific needs of the young adult. The family, professionals and student are all active participants in the development of goals. Students benefitting from services provided may have one or more of the following diagnoses:

• Depression
• Anxiety
• Eating Disorder
• Sleep Disorders
• Trauma-and Stressor-Related Disorders
• Other
• Bipolar Disorder
• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
• Chronic Migraines
• Other Health Impairment
• Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder