"You have been instrumental in our healing journey and, especially for "Sam," if all works as well as we anticipate, I can say unequivocally that you are instrumental in saving his life. Not to sound so melodramatic, but it's true. Without you, I have absolutely no idea what in the world we would have done for him."

"I was truly blessed to have your motherly heart hear my cries and your professional expertise guide me through this difficult time. You are my angel to my most precious treasures."


The Aspire Group understands the complex emotional unrest that lead a family to seek help. However, we believe it is equally important to recognize an individual’s needs and goals that will lead to success.

We understand the complexity of clinical and neurological issues. As part of the review process, we consider the client’s latest psychological and/or psycho-educational testing, speak to professionals who have known the student, and evaluate relevant educational documents. We determine each young person’s specific needs in detail to ensure the proper placement. Our consultants also take into account the expectations and aspirations and the academic interests and talents of the student. Our goal is to collaborate with families and give them the confidence to choose the best placement for their child.

There are a variety of environments available to children as young as five through the adult years. Children may appear to be “acting out,” but a well-trained consultant can help identify the possible underlying roots of the behavior. The insights of our professional experts provide families a distinct advantage when trying to find the most suitable placement.

• Adoption/attachment
• Depression
• Eating Disorders
• Sexual Reactive Disorder
• Trauma
• Anxiety
• Dual Diagnosis
• Substance Abuse
• Other


• Therapeutic Boarding Schools
• Residential Treatment Program
• Wilderness Treatment Program
• Emotional Growth Programs