Educational Consultant?

“What would we have done with out you.”  “I had no idea what was involved in preparing my child for making his college applications.”  “You saved my child’s life.  Before hiring you, I think I could have killed her.” These are just a few of the many expressions of appreciation and relief that we have continued to hear over our past 25 years guiding students through the college application and selection process.

While the application process does have some consistency, each of our student clients is unique; each having a very different history, needs, and ambitions.  We, at The Aspire Group, take pride in being able to support the individuality of each of our clients.

No question that today’s high school counselors are taxed to their absolute limit. Though today, there are fewer of them, the work that is necessary has only become more difficult and time consuming.  Students, today, are applying to a larger number of schools, each requiring an essay and quite often more. It simply is not possible for the school system to provide the needed help that is needed.

Parents are often unaware of what is expected of their child in this college application process. A college acceptance can hinge on any number of factors, any one of which can make a difference. The obvious are grades and ACT or SAT scores.  However, the answers on the college app., letters of recommendation, the essay, the timing of submitting the needed documents, the strategy of deciding to apply early action or early decision, school visits, personal interviews and financial considerations, are just the “short list” of what needs to be managed.  These requirements are understandably overwhelming for the vast majority of our student clients.

A recent article in The New York Times (September 20, 2015) by Megan Rubiner Zinn tells the story better than we.  Her article, titled “I said We’d Never Hire A College Admissions Advisor.  Then We Did,” says it all.

If you have a student that is a 2nd or 3rd year student in High School this is MUST read:

A college education is one of a family’s major investments.  It will often exceed the cost of a wedding.  Yet, all too often, it fails to receive the guidance, planning and consideration that it deserves and is needed. The advice and support provided by an experienced College Consultant has the potential to secure this investment and “pay dividends.”  All too often the choice made by a student, those even supported by their family, can be the one that may fail without the benefit of an experienced advisor.

We believe the College Application process provides a first time for many students to accept personal responsibility for their “next steps.”  We encourage Parents not to intervene.  It’s part of their college preparation and a test of their ability to make good choices for themselves when Mom and Dad are on “the sidelines.”

The application process is the proper time for Parents to take a bench seat allowing their child to demonstrate their maturity and ready themselves for the college THEY select for themselves.   It’s also a great way for parents to maintain and preserve a healthy relationship with their student.