A recent article published by “The Princeton Review” is worth checking out if you are wondering whether your student should take the SAT or the ACT since most colleges will accept either (Link).

Princeton Review reports that some students will end up scoring higher on the SAT while others will do better on the ACT.  Naturally, you want to take the test that will provide you the higher score.  How do you decide which test your student will score higher on?  One option would be to do an on-line trial test for each and then decide.

 In this article, they have identified the seven differences between the exams that may provide the direction that your student can use to determine which might be the better test for him/her.

  • ACT questions may be more straightforward and, as a result, might be easier to understand
  • The SAT has a stronger emphasis on vocabulary.
  • The ACT has a science section. The SAT does not
  • The ACT tests more advanced math concepts
  • The ACT Writing Test is optional, though required by some schools
  • The SAT has more sections
  • The ACT, they state, is more of a “big picture” exam. While College Admissions Officers will care about how a student scored on each section of the SAT, they tend to consider the composite score on the ACT. 

“U.S. News,” in a 2013 article (Article Link) which still has merit today, provided a worthy list of factors to be taken into consideration when making the ACT or SAT decision .






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