Conditions of College Acceptance

There is no time like the present to discuss with your child what are the likely terms and conditions of their college acceptance.  Actually, this is a talk that parents should have with all of their children as they begin high school and then sprinkled reminders as they begin to plan for college.  What too many students ignore is that college admission people are paying attention to what their student applicants may be posting on social media sites and what may be said of them.

The recent report published in “The Harvard Crimson” should remind all that a college admission is conditional upon any number of factors which include behavior that does not violate the tenants of the college and be considered “offensive.”  The article discusses the reasons why at least ten prospective freshmen were informed that their admission to Harvard University has been withdrawn.

We suggest that you print out this article and leave it out for your student to read.  It should make for a thought-provoking discussion with your social media oriented teen.