College Support

By July 10, 2017Uncategorized

A recent article in “The New York Times” reports that there is a new trend taking place at some colleges: programs that are designed to help students learn to cope with “failures.”  There is finally some recognition that too many university students, as intelligent as they may be, are ill-equipped to manage and accept disappointments and view failures positively as a part of the learning process.

This article nicely addresses this topic and discusses such an initiative designed to “de-stigmatize failure” that seems to be working at Smith College. Students are learning that failure is a feature of learning.

Regrettably, many of today’s children have been failure deprived.

All too often today, we meet smart kids whose parents have become over-protective and/or enabling.  We meet kids who are paralyzed to take risks (for fear of failure) or who are unable to execute on their own as too much has been done for them in the past. Perhaps these new programs like the one at Smith should become part of our High School curriculums as well.

During this difficult time, we are here for you, as we always have been, to help consider safe, educational and therapeutic opportunities for your adolescent/young adult.