College Admission

By October 23, 2017College Counseling

We generally hear about the primary factors that are taken into account by college admission counselors. These are high school grades, SAT and/or College Board test scores, the student’s essay, and in some cases an interview and/or letters or recommendation. This recently published Forbes article addresses numerous addition factors that have become a significant part of the admissions review process. Author Willard Dix, refers to these considerations as “Hollistic Review,” a more contemporary term than “comprehensive,” though, he states, hold much the same meaning.

As a prospective student, we think it important to understand these factors and to take them into account when deciding which colleges to apply. These might also have value in how a student might develop their essay. Mr. Dix makes what we belive to be a solid point among the many: colleges are businesses and must fill all of their available seats and keep them full. Above all, colleges need students who they believe will fulfill the complete list of the college’s needs.

We certainly believe there must be much more factored into a college acceptance than grades and test scores. We applaud the schools that are recognizing that the “whole person” should be evaluated and the student’s likelihood of making the most of the college experience and bringing credit to the school years after their graduation.

During this difficult time, we are here for you, as we always have been, to help consider safe, educational and therapeutic opportunities for your adolescent/young adult.