How to be a Better Parent

By April 18, 2019Parenting

Everyone has their formula for “proper” parenting.  An article written by Sunny Sea Gold, a health and psychology writer, the “How to Do Anything Better” columnist for Scientific American Mind, provides some solid tips on “How to Be a Better Parent.”

We found Ms. Gold’s suggestions somewhat unique.  In our experience through meeting with many parents, we believe that the third suggestion is especially significant when parents often find themselves at the “end of their rope.”  Author Gold suggests “Secure your own oxygen mask first.” Parents who are exhausted and frustrated cannot help anyone. It’s so important for parents to be able to recognize and not ignore their own mental health.  Mothers are more likely to either ignore or overreact when dealing with their own issues of depression and anxiety. But if a parent is suffering emotionally, then it is extremely difficult to think rationally and make good parenting choices.  

Ms. Gold’s other tips are also interesting and useful and her article is written in a helpful manner which is easy for parents to relate.  If you would like to read a more robust guide to parenting, you might check out Parenting 101 from the Child Development Institute.