How to Teach Self-Esteem

By May 13, 2019Parenting

There is a strong correlation between high self-esteem and a person’s overall health, including social, emotional and behavioral.  But, how do we ensure that our children develop the highest amount of self-esteem possible? A posting in “Very Well Family” by Katherine Lee, does a great job of underscoring the importance of instilling self-confidence in our kids and gives suggestions for parents to follow.

So what can parents do?

  • Show your child love every day – either give a hug, or snuggle, or simply remind your child verbally
  • Play with your child and have fun – your actions will let your child know that you enjoy spending time together
  • Give your child responsibilities and chores – these jobs allow a child to feel a sense of accomplishment once the task is completed
  • Allow your child some independence – kids need to figure some tasks out on their own
  • Teach your child that setbacks and failures are learning opportunities
  • Don’t ever insult or belittle your child
  • Put down the phone – your child show feel that you giving your undivided attention to them
  • Teach your kids that self-confidence is not arrogance – identify the balance between self-esteem and caring about others
  • Let your child create and show off their work – demonstrating their work allows children to understand that their opinion matters

The advice is meaningful and on-target.  Self-esteem is a critical foundation to a child’s mental and emotional health and how they are able to navigate through the numerous life challenges they will face.