Boarding Schools

Traditional Boarding Schools

For many teenagers and their parents, the reason for going to a boarding school varies. Some are looking for more emphasis on academics, while others for more compatibility with teachers. Boarding schools use a student’s time productively: they balance the week between exercising or playing sports, performing music or painting, a chance to participate in student government or start a club, have study time for homework with peers instead of by oneself.

Boarding schools also provide much more: they cultivate a student’s readiness to go into college while having learned to be a roommate. They also allow students to take a leadership role, develop confidence, develop a passion, have teachers take a great interest in them, know how to ask for help and know how and when to study and structure the day and the week for positive outcomes. Additionally, some boarding schools offer a fifth year/post graduate year. Consistent and personalized attention, coupled with an intimate learning environment, make for confident, happy and well-prepared adolescents.

Our extensive knowledge and relationships with schools across the country help us to find the best fit for your family. A child being away from home for the first time can cause anxiety in both parent and child. The Aspire Group helps the student, and their parents, develop the necessary confidence and comfort to make this important transition seamless.

Specialty Boarding Schools

Sometimes parents notice that their child is struggling in the traditional school setting and would succeed better in what is referred to as a “non-traditional” boarding school, one that adapts to the individual abilities of the student. These specialty boarding schools can provide learning environments for students with specific learning differences, executive functioning issues and/or cognitive challenges. These schools provide a strong framework of structure, nurturing and predictability in a much smaller classroom size so that students can start to internalize the tools necessary to take a project from beginning to end.

Some of the challenges these programs address, but are not limited to include:

  • Attention Deficit
  • Cognitive Delays
  • Learning Differences
  • Physical Disabilities
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Executive Functioning Deficits
  • Neurological Disorders

The Aspire Group’s familiarity and insight into the services these schools provide help us determine the best options for your child. Understanding a student’s particular learning style, strengths, and opportunities for growth is the key to their long-term success.

Summer Programs

Summer is an important time for enrichment, remediation and fun! Sometimes students need to repeat academic courses or choose to earn credits for the upcoming school year. Students can also explore new fields of interest or build on subject matter they already enjoy. Some students wish to improve their social skills or want to spend a summer on an outdoor adventure.

Opportunities await the adventurous high school or college student. Whether it’s volunteering in a developing country, seeking physical challenges, or experiencing summer on a college campus, The Aspire Group has the resources to match our clients with the right summer program!

From a Parent

Dear Imy,

The experts weren’t kidding when they coined the phrase, “It takes a village.” Thank you for being an integral part of our village.

You offered me the first hope and feeling of peace that I’ve searched for since our daughter was a small child. You restored my hope in our daughter’s future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your compassion and genuine concern. I don’t know what we would have done without your guidance and support. As scared as I am for the next step in our daughter’s healing journey, I trust you and your recommendations. You have placed us in good hands with people who truly care about helping teens heal and grow.

“The butterfly is proof that one can go through a period of darkness and transform into something beautiful.”

Let’s partner together for your child’s future.

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