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We empower families in making informed decisions, enhancing their child’s future.


All parents want their children to reach their full potential, but it can be frustrating when a school doesn’t provide exactly what the child needs. There are many educational options available outside of the public system.


Sometimes a child or young adult may benefit from a more structured setting that offers a therapeutic component. A variety of programs exist that each offer different settings, supervision and treatment protocol. It can be difficult to determine which program will be the best match for your child, unless you have someone who really understands their differences.


Finding the right next best step after high school is sometimes not as easy as it sounds. The Aspire Group has been serving families who are seeking to find a college or an alternative option to college that will promote academic, emotional and social success.


When looking for school alternatives, many options exist within a student’s own community. The Aspire Group can help provide direction to a local solution.


It is difficult for parents to differentiate “recreational” pot smoking and occasional drinking from substance abuse, dependence and addiction. It is helpful for parents and their family members to understand the difference and learn about appropriate levels of intervention and treatment.

Let’s partner together for your child’s future.

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